I was born in Majdanpek in eastern Serbia. You can call me Vlah if you like. I moved to Belgrade in 2008 to start my lovely family. I also played drums back in the days with some cool bands. During my busiess career I met a lot of interesting people and with many of them I am still in touch. I am always open to any kind of communication and cooperation.

I did some designs along the way but mostly I practised the skills of HTML/CSS which expanded towards Bootstrap, WordPress, and OpenCart (E-commerce solution). I've been using WordPress since 2014 as a hoby blogger and in 2017 it became my profession. And that's where I am today...

ITAF ICT Services Belgrade d.o.o.

WordPress Developer / Designer

Duration: OCT 2019 -
Location: Belgrade SRB / Ghent BE

  • Company websites;
  • Client's websites;
  • Newsletter HTML design;
  • Photography and graphics;
  • Car branding;
  • Marketing;
  • Microsoft 365 solutions.

Digital ART Mashnica

WordPress Developer

Duration: DEC 2018 - JUL 2019
Location: Belgrade SRB / Perth WA

  • WordPress website for Serbian market;
  • WordPress website for Australian market;

SIG Inc.

Web Architect / Developer

Duration: SEP 2015 -
Location: Montreal, CA

  • Construct and implement the technical design.
  • Selection of Web applications' software platforms and developing site navigation.
  • Analyzing traffic patterns and creating original Web site content.
  • Build the operations end of the organization's Web sites and keep them running smoothly (this includes designing, building, and implementing new Web pages and sites).
  • Integrating sites with back end applications.
  • Migrating legacy applications to the Web.
  • Performing day-to-day administration of the existing Web projects.

Extreme Media d.o.o.

Technical Coordinator

Duration: OCT 2008 - OCT 2018
Location: Belgrade

Editor and translator of many articles in X-Fitness magazine with following duties:

  • Translation and correction of texts from English to Serbian;
  • Photo editing;
  • Website design and coding;
  • Technical support;
  • Basic accounting jobs (invoicing, e-Banking, etc.);
  • iStock photography (keywording, submitting on daily basis);

Sifon d.o.o.

Technical support

Period: JUL 2006 - SEP 2008
Location: Majdanpek

What became as educational project of company's employees about fiscal policy turned out to be full time job with following activities:

  • Maintenance of hardware and fiscal equipment;
  • Technical and customer support;
  • Invoicing and other paperwork;
  • Order planning and order generation;
  • Logistics and transportation;
  • Direct sales association.

Central H d.o.o.

Network admin

Period: NOV 2005 - MAR 2006
Location: Majdanpek

It was intended to be a real technical support but the CEO decided to test me accordingly:

  • Technical security - night shift only.
  • Network admin.


Fiscal cash registers service technician

Period: JUL 2004 - AUG 2005
Location: Majdanpek / Belgrade

Service technician in the biggest IT equipment sale company in eastern Serbia at the time with following duties:

  • Hardware service of main and peripheral computer components;
  • Installation and administration of WAN/LAN infrastructure;
  • Installation of Operating System (Windows, Linux) and various application software;
  • Fiscalisation of cash registers, models Ei Nis (licenced service technician);
  • Education and training of employees regarding POS systems;
  • Tehnical support.

Curriculum Vitae

All of the above info can be downloaded as my CV in both English and Serbian language.

Preuzmi CV

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